Thursday, May 1, 2008

Blog or Bog?

We have rather an agricultural sewage system here at the moment. I am not actually sure I want to say more except, that it’s working again now with a little help from yours truly and some ingenuity.

Visitor season.

We have had some rellies staying and managed to get some trips in to Macerata, local markets, golf driving range and a wonderfully peaceful stretch of water at San Ruffino. (Picture below, hopefully)

Sisi update.

Bit of bad news. The little boy who “looks after” her announced yesterday that a “wolf” had come and killed all the gattini!! I’m not particularly surprised because that is the way of things where we are. We do feel sorry for Sisi who has been coming in and out of the house looking for them all over the place. I expect the “wolf” will be coming again soon when the others have their litters.

Latte da capra.

The family next door have started to give us some milk from their goat. So far we have accepted as we don’t wish to upset them by refusing. Unfortunately we now find ourselves in the position that they must believe all we eat and drink is wretched “latte da capra”!! A solution will have to be found.

Warmer weather.

With the warmer weather arriving, taking our meals outside is now on the cards. The sun is very hot when it is out so we do need some shade. As we cannot afford an veranda yet, we have forgone food for a week and bought a “gazebo”. So now we have shade but nothing to eat under it. Perverse, isn’t it? Hopefully next week we will have both shade and grub!

Talking of food …….

Have a look at this! Our first fave (broad beans) which were absolutely delicious. Ignore the glasses of wine and the one-handled colander - it's the beans that count!

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