Monday, May 19, 2008

Inspectors Called

Well, we passed. Just by the skin of our teeth we think. But what a larf!
We had a great time and managed to go through the “Gola del’Infernaccio” or the gorge of hell to the uninitiated, which was great fun.

Sadly they are on their way home now via a few days in France. The trouble is that they are the world’s best washer-uppers and now we’ve got this pile of dirty dishes!!! They have said they will be back in the Autumn, but I don’t think we have enough crockery to last till then!

Golden Orioles

These birds have fantastic colouring and we are fortunate to have some at the bottom of the garden – I wanted to use the word estate, but I have been expressly forbidden to in case it creates a false impression of our 2 acres!! I have put a picture up, not one we have taken because they are ornery things when it comes to showing themselves. We took the inspectors to the top of the local village, where is a very long sheer drop - not for any skulduggery you understand, merely to show them the fabulous panoramic views of the Sibillini. Well, we looked down on some trees and there must be about 5 or 6 of the Orioles flitting about. It was a wonderful sight.

Neighbourhood watch – Italian style.

I know I have mentioned our elderly lady neighbour before, but she is truly an amazing person in the garden. She gives us salad vegetables, eggs from her chickens and now early cherries that look as though they have been individually polished instead of coming straight off the tree where we saw her pick them. But her gardening knowledge is what really interests us. It’s a question of look and learn. If she puts her tomato canes in, in a particular way, we just follow suit on the basis that what she has been doing for we don’t know how many decades, is probably going to be right for us too! As we are able to converse more and more with her, so we can pick up tips and knowledge from her. An example of that is that she said to put some Lumachacide (slug pellets) down around some small seedlings we have just planted out. We haven’t seen any slugs at all since we have been here, but we did what she suggested. I have never seen a slug as big the one that the pellets knocked off that night. It was huge! See what I mean?

Boys Toy

Well I finally went and got a strimmer (with thanks for a contribution from one of our rellies) , and not a moment too soon! I was using one of the scythes that were left here by the previous owner’s husband when the handle split! This handle was fashioned from a branch and must be very old. It had done very well and if you could get a good rhythm going, did the job, for a little bit any way. It’s a shame but I think I’ll keep it for a bit. But anyway, we are now mechanised. It’s brilliant! Once you get something like this, you wonder why you didn’t get one sooner. Well, you know how it is. Everything is competing for the few Euros in your pocket.
My wife is seriously thinking of investing in a loudhailer so she can let me know when I have missed a bit! The grass is taller than me so I think it is highly unlikely that I will be “missing bits”. It’s a control thing!


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