Thursday, May 8, 2008

A beautiful sunset

Food, glorious food!

Continuing on from eating our first broad beans (fave), our octogenarian neighbour told us that the best way to eat these beans is with pecorino cheese. Pecorino is a sheep’s cheese and the nearest village to where we live, is famous for its Pecorino. They make the Pecorino amongst Pecorinos – work that one out.

I’ll tell you, she’s dead right. Just cut the cheese into small cubes and eat with freshly podded (is that English? It’s certainly not Italian, but, hey) beans. Just gorgeous!

Just going on a bit about age. Apparently this region of Italy has something like the third longest-lived people, in the world. I expect that only relates to those who have been born and bred here. Don’t think you can pop over for a few weeks a year and add a couple of years to your own longevity each time you come. Of course, this applies to us. I reckon we might get about 11 days extra! Who wants to live to 100 anyway, well apart from those who might have a 100th birthday tomorrow or next week, maybe.

The Inspectors Call

This week-end marks the arrival of the Wiltshire Winkers – these are the extremely good friends (yes, they still are) who helped us make the move at the end of last year.
They (well the male of the two) took a certain, how shall I put it, Stalinist approach to helping us get the house organised. In other words if you didn’t like the way he organised, for instance, the pantry, then you would be summarily shot! Working for a while with the British Public Services, I do have some sympathy with and a sneaking regard for that approach, .. sometimes.
Needless to say since they were last here some improvements, sorry, changes, have been made more out of necessity that purely for aesthetics.

They are insisting that an inspection of what we have done will be carried out with dire consequences if it less than 3 stars. After that we’ll all get bladdered!!

Will keep you posted.

A couple of Yuccas


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