Thursday, April 24, 2008


The shops are full of asparagus now, but …. we have found (uncovered) some growing on our land – I hesitate to say garden. Fat ones, thin ones, long ones. They have all been succulently delicious!

Sisi update
We were taken to see Sisi’s kittens yesterday by the young lad who “looks after” her. He took to us an old shed next door where the kittens were, all seven of them! We were amazed as she wasn’t huge. They are of course, absolutely gorgeous. Two or three are sort of sandy coloured and the others are grey/black. What happens to community kittens? We don’t know, but we must not yield to temptation despite what Oscar Wilde said. Hmmm. Watch this space!! (Two more of the community cats are pregnant too!)

Potting shed door
During a recent very windy day, some idiot, who shall remain nameless because it was me, left the potting shed door open with rather damaging results. However I do have a plan that involves taking another door, dismantling it and reassembling it to different proportions. My only very small concern is that in future we would be able to see anyone passing the loo, and of course vice versa. I have not yet shared this plan with La Moglia. Do you think I should?

Sunshine and shade
As the back of our house faces South West, it receives a wonderful amount of sunshine. As the weather heats up we are going to need some sort of shade. Our future plans do include a veranda but we need to do something now. Planning is now at an advanced stage and involves hooks, tarpaulin, sticks and rope! Perhaps I should not have watched so much Ray Mears.


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