Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Water, water everywhere….what has happened to the sun?

Gosh it’s gone cold. La D and myself were talking about a fire last night. It’s mad. Boiling temperatures one week and thinking-thermals the next. Both of us also seem to suffer a bit when we have these large temperature changes in very quick time. It seems to “knock us off” a bit. We feel very fatigued for a day or two. La D sometimes puts it down to too much Vino Rosso, but I remain to be convinced as we don’t have any changes to our imbibation (is this a word? If not, it certainly should be)

Enjoying ourselves

We are off for our annual wedding anniversary trip to the outdoor opera theatre, the Sferisterio in Macerata this Friday. We are going to see Un Ballo In Maschera (The Masked Ball) by Verdi. We have listened to the music via Spotify – oh yes, we’re well up with the technobabes. It’s fabulous.
The weather, however, might not be. It’s looking a little flaky at the mo, but here’s hoping.
However, we won’t be caught out like last year. We are going to take a tent and a gas stove. This may present Elf ‘n Safety issues as well as annoying some of the audience behind us, but we’ll cross that river, or bridge even, when we come to it.
We booked this back in January and we are so looking forward to it. It is only on for three nights. Anyway, I will report back.


A couple of years ago we approached our comune with a request to have some of the community cats here spayed. Apparently in this region, the comune will pay for this service as long as you take responsibility for feeding and looking after them. With usual Italian zeal, we have heard no more. We also think we have exhausted our supply of potential homes for kittens. so we are arranging to have Tigger and Daisy, who are our sort of cats “done” at our expense. It isn’t cheap.
On top of that, we have contacted our vet about Freya and she has said that Freya really should be done by the time she is 7 months, which is a month away. Gulp. We thought the cats cost was bad until she told us that Freya was going to cost three times the cost of one cat!
So, we are going to have a neutering party. Bring a scalpel. No only joking. Make it anaesthetic. Ha, ha.
August looks like an expensive month.
The kitties go to their new home next week.


Tremendous. Everything growing very well. The toms are abundant and sweet and juicy. Have made some great tomato ketchup a la Jamie Oliver with our cherry toms and San Marzano (long in shape) and some Beef ones that a friend gave us. It is excellent.
The freezers are getting fuller. Fortunately our nearest neighbours don’t grow anything themselves so we are able to give them extra produce. Of course we also are able to give some to the chicks who do eat anything and in return provide us with some beautiful eggs.

Ciao, mantenere la fede

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