Monday, January 24, 2011

Fresh Lemons

La D’s mum and dad bought us a lemon tree about two years ago. We’d given up hope of ever having lemons from it. The flowers would come and the fruit would follow. The thing was the fruit was ever only small and green. It would never get large and yellow. Well, we now have some lemons. They aren’t very big but boy oh boy are they lemony! The wonderful aroma that comes from them when you cut into the fruit.
La D is terribly fond of a G&T and now that we can make one with our own lemons she is even more stirred up to become a professional G&T tippler! Mind you, it won’t be a big move. Ha, ha.
The odd thing is the timing of the fruit. Very strange, but very welcome.

Big Egg!

The girls are doing very well, even in this bitterly cold weather. They are still cranking out three a day. That is apart from the other day when only two eggs were in the nest.
Oh well, we thought, it is cold so it’s not surprising that one of them hasn’t laid an egg.
However the next day there were three eggs again, but one of them was a whopper as this picture shows.
And it turned out to be a double-yoker. It was as delicious as all the others the chicks are laying for us. We really can’t get through all the eggs they produce for us but our friends and neighbours are very grateful!

La D is still at it

These are two classic La D verbal faux pas (what is the plural of faux pas? I don’t know either, so just make up your own!)

You may remember that I was given a great little gadget that measured the temperatures inside and outside and also gives pressure readings. Of late we have been looking at the temp outside – I don’t really know why as we can see it’s cold and also if you were to put your nose just outside the door, it would probably be frozen in a few seconds
However, the pressure monitor displays an upwards arrow and a sun when the pressure is on the rise and a downward arrow along with clouds when the pressure is on the way down.
There is also a  humidity indicator. It displays a number corresponding to the percentage of humidity.
Well, the other day La D was looking at this little weather station and she looked at the humidity figure and announced, “Do you know L’uomochifa, the humidity today is 56 miles per hour.”
As often in these cases of La D’s misunderstanding, I was quite mystified for a few microseconds and then painfully trying not to show the humour that was bubbling up inside.
“Hmmm.” I managed in quite a high pitched way.
A side long glance by La D was enough for me to grab my inner desire with an iron fist and hold it, tight.

The other one was a beaut of a malapropism
Can you spot the difference?

We were walking with Bert and saw a couple of engineers on the roads taking measurements for something or other.
“I wonder what those men do with those troglodytes L’uomochifa?”
“Non lo so (I don’t know) my darling,” I said  “But I think you mean theodolites.”
“Do I? Alright, what are those theodolites doing with those troglodytes?” She grinned. She’s playing me, I thought.
Doh. I give up. Well, not altogether.
A posto.

 Ciao, mantenere la fede

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