Thursday, April 15, 2010

Welcome Roxie and Velma!

Despite us saying that we were not going to give names to our chickens in case we get too sentimental over time, they don't seem to be lasting too long to become attached that way - said with tongue in cheek.
So we have decided to give our new hens names. We got two more today to join Xena as we found out that hens are quite social creatures and you shouldn't really keep only one. It's not good chicken-keeping practice.
They look quite feisty girls and as we are avid fans of Bob Fosse, we have called them Roxie and Velma. We think the names go well with Xena, and they didn't seem to mind.
We put them into the coop to join Xena as soon as we got back. Xena seemed to take to some new friends pretty well. La D went back to the house to get some fresh water and put it inside, and guess what she found? An egg. A very warm egg. We assume it was Xena, but we have no way of telling whether she was the one who hadn't yet begun laying before last Sunday. Any way we are taking this as a good sign.
We are now back up to strength and can do no more to protect the hens. If it doesn't work out again, I think we may have to seriously think about our egg supply.

Ciao, mantenere la fede

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