Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh what night ……..

No, not the Four Seasons classic, just a really disturbed night.

We had a load of snow from midday yesterday through to about 04:00 today. Quite a lot fell, and somewhere up the power lines there must have been a gremlin or two.

There had been a bit if flickering in the evening, but no actual cuts, until we were just about to go to bed, around 22:15. So we got out some candles and a torch and abluted by candlelight – quite romantic in a way. I certainly look more like George Clooney in extremely subdued lighting than I do in the full glare of the sun, that’s for sure. Ahm.

So to bed. Power back on. Excellent. Read for a bit. I was just reaching the denouement of Stieg Larrson’s first book The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; throughly recommend it. Brilliant. Can’t wait to get hold of the next one. We had turned our bed-side lights out at about 22:30 and fell asleep …….. then it started.

We have a small cordless telephone. As you probably know these ‘phones are mains powered. Everytime the power goes off (we do have our fair share of niggles with the power supply here) the ‘phone bleeps once, then quickly again and after a few seconds, once more. Once the power is restored it bleeps again, this time a longer one. Don’t ask me why, as I haven’t got a clue, it just does, OK?

Being a small house with the living quarters on one level, the bleeping sound carrys to our bedroom. We keep the door open to allow the brute to come in and lie on the floor if he wants.

1:00 bleep, bleep, ………………bleep. Then a few minutes later on, bleeeeep. Oh I thought to myself, well that’s OK power all restored. Wrong.

A little later, the same thing happened. Then again and again. You know the feeling you get when you hear a noise, like a dog barking in the middle of the night. You eventually end up lying there waiting for the wretched thing to bark again. But times goes on and no bark; still more time passes and no bark. Then just as are mentally stepping down from DEFCON 1 to DEFCON 2 the bloody thing starts up again. Aagghhhh! Well it was like that.

I was thinking after the last one “That’ll be it now” but waiting for a next time. Of cousre La D was in the same boat. Finally I got up at 4:00 and went in and unplugged the thing. Of course getting up at that time meant I might as well go and have a pee. No lights. Forgot where I had put the torch. Banged into Bertie who grumbled and then I backed into a chair and banged my ankle. Oh bloody hell. I limped into the bathroom and then made my way to bed.

“Do you have to make so much noise L’uomo chi fa?” came a muffled voice from under the counterpane.

“Sorry, I just ………..”

“Enough. Get into bed and go to sleep.” Orders are orders. So I got in, sharpish.

But it wasn’t much use. Both of us tossed and turned. Bertie started to think it was breakfast time and started jumping onto the bed to get some pre-breakfast attention.

As the title says, “Oh what a night!”

Here are a couple of pics showing weather scenes. La D took the one of the lump of ice dangling at the end of a twig. Brilliant.

Do you know anyone who sheds a tear at the end of The Terminator 2 – Judgement Day?

I do.

Another La D classic

Crossword clue: What do amateur golfers have a 13000:1 chance of doing and professionals a 4000:1 chance?

La D pipes up, “I know, I know. Toad in the Hole!”

I just love her to pieces. She keeps me sane.

Ciao, mantenere la fede

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