Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Idyllic Moment

Have you ever had a moment, just a split second, when you have this incredibly strong sense that everything in you and around you is in perfect equilibrium? In other words everything is right in your world. There is probably a scientific or medical word or phrase for it. It’s a wonderful feeling.
I had one of those last week.

La D and I discussed whether we needed yet another orto (we have four already).. After a very brief but quite robust discussion – my arm’s fine now thank you, I had the plaster off two weeks ago – it was decided that we really did need another one.
We knew were we wanted it ages ago but the weather has not been on our side for some time until last week. We had a run of dry days and the ground was not too frosty.
I got my strings out – these are lines for marking out, not skimpy underwear you naughty reader – and marked out the orto.
Although it was chilly I had soon stripped down to just a shirt (I did have lower garments on too of course) and perspiration beaded my brow.
The Three Degrees wandered over and started to scratch around in the freshly turned soil looking for things to eat. Whenever I came across a nice juicy worm I plopped it down in front of one them who greedily gobbled it up. They love worms.
Bertie also sauntered across and lay on the turned over earth. It made quite a sight his white coat contrasting beautifully with the freshly tilled brown soil.

I took a little time to cogitate. So there we were, L’uomo chi fa, leaning on the fork with a huge inner smile, the chickens happily scratching around and softly clucking to themselves, big Bert just chilling, lying out full stretch with his great head resting on his front paws and the bright sun in a beautiful clear blue sky. Idyllic.
I thought to myself, “This is one of those moments.” Just as that thought came into my head, it was snatched away.
One of the chickens had obviously scratched a little to close to Bert and he leapt up and pounced on it. All the hens flapped their wings and scattered with Bertie gallomping after them and me shouting obscenities at him to leave the hens alone.
So, as I said, these moments are only fleeting, but wonderful when they do happen.
I suppose I should be thankful that Bert didn’t pounce a second before he did.



A little humour

When Madonna moved to England, she said she wanted to feel English.
She is now a single mother with three children from different fathers. Job done.

Regarding MPs expenses.
All MPs should be entitled to a fair hearing, then they should all be shot.

Ciao, mantenere la fede

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