Friday, January 22, 2010

It’s been a funny old week

Well, where do I start?

La D and I take it in turn to get up and feed the animals and make the other a cup of tea first thing. When it’s my turn I usually just get up, leave my sleep-T shirt on and just don a pair of boxers to go out to the hens
The weather has been decidedly nippy of late. However I find that if I am just going out for no more than five minutes, I don’t really get cold.
Well the other morning we were about 15 minutes later in waking up – Bertie usually bounces on the bed at about 7:00 but that day it was nearer to 7:20. It was my turn so I got up to do the hens in my usual attire.
I popped on my trusty wellies and sleepily wandered round the house to the shed where we keep the chicken food and went down to the coop and fed the birds. On the way back I heard our neighbour’s front door open and shut and I glanced over and saw the neighbour’s daughter starting to walk from her house up the lane on the way to get the school bus. You could hardly make out her shape or features as she was enveloped in as much winter clothing as you could imagine. I could hardly see her legs, it was though she was gliding up the lane.
She saw me and I obviously acknowledged her. "Ciao," I said. She stopped and had a second glance at this odd English person, semi-naked in old welly boots, very bad bed-hair (well, what’s left of it) in temperatures trying to nudge above freezing. After a very short few seconds, her gliding suddenly sped up and she disappeared towards the main road.
Oh dear. I think I might have been a talking point over the neighbour’s dinner table that night.

La D’s impression of Count Arthur Strong

I don’t know whether you have come across Count Arthur Strong’s Radio Show on BBC Radio 4, but it is quite amusing. He is an elderly thespian, but not a very good one. He also seems to suffer from a form of Malapropism. Definitely worth a listen.

La D came up with another cracker. We were playing cards the other night, a game called Spite and Malice which is good fun. We were matching other in winning hands and La D suddenly smiled and said, “Well, L’uomo chi fa, we’re equals equals, aren’t we?”
“What?” I replied.
“You know, we‘ve won the same number of hands!”
“Ahh. I think you mean we are “Even Stevens.”
“Stop spitting heirs,” she said
“Darling, I think you mean Splitting Hairs”
“Do I? Can you read my mind? Anyway, it’s not up to you have due restriction on all the sayings there are, is it? “ she said, getting slightly spiky.
I looked at her and thought “now do I want to say that I think she means jurisdiction rather than due restriction, or do I want a quiet end to the night?”
“No. You’re right.” I said.
“Of course I am. I’ve been telling you that for years.”
I grinned, got up, gave her a big hug and said, “I love you La D.” She has this effect on me.

Gardening update

Nothing to report. Too b****y wet and cold.

Ciao, mantenere la fede

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